Brewing Bad

Gameplay Sketch

Intent :

Brewing Bad is a lighthearted puzzle game that asks players to solve riddles to make potions, poisons, and bombs for clients. Although the character is wizard, (s)he only has rudimentary powers so instead of casting magical spells, (s)he uses ingredients to make mystical items instead. The game is meant to be simple, yet engaging. The riddles are supposed to be easy enough for most people to solve on the earlier levels, but most puzzles can solved by try trial and error as well. Also, Brewing Bad is a fast game in which players mix ingredients together and failure results in a loss of time and progress, but thankfully not ingredients.

Potential Audience:

Although anyone could play this game, it is especially targeted towards teenagers. There is a rather low barrier to entry for this game because all it requires is reading comprehension. A little skill at solving riddles would also be helpful, but that is not necessary because the player could beat most levels through trial and error if need be. Also, an understanding of fantasy ingredients could not hurt. However, teenagers and young adults might prefer this game more than other age groups would because the humor of the story and the art style is targeted towards adolescents. The game may seem too childish to adults, but we would prefer that children do not play this game so as to avoid the influence of sketchy wizards. Children should probably not be making bombs and poisons. Hopefully.


In a city full of magic, people often use their powers to questionable ends. The main character of the game is no exception. Evil creatures and crime lords need poisons and bombs to take care of their friends and enemies. You, an apprentice wizard, are in charge of running your master’s shop while he is unfortunately indisposed. Instead of using magic to make your magic, you combine ingredients to make magic for other people. Most of your time is spent in the small hidden room of your shop Brewing Bad, which is in the corner of the magic shop Green Goats. Green Goats is run by your friend, an exceptionally tall dwarf. Since his shop is failing, it is up to you to earn gold through making potions to support your shop and your front.


The player is the sketchy wizard and main character of Brewing Bad. In the shop Brewing Bad there are several rows of magical components and ingredients. The player’s job is to mix these in the correct combinations to make poison, potions, and bombs for the shop’s clients. A riddle is provided that hints as to what ingredients are needed to make different things. Each ingredient has its own properties that do not change so as the game progresses players will learn what things are involved with making certain types of items or to produce different effects. To make a potion the player selects an ingredient which is magically levitated into the cauldron. When all parts are added, the potion earns the player gold. If something is added that does not belong the potion blows up. Thanks to a magic spell, most ingredients will not run out. However, special bonus components can be wasted.


The player is asked to make a smoke bomb by a ninja client. In the riddle the player is told to combine something of the night to make the smoke, something stringy for the fuse, something fiery for the explosion, and something hard for the bomb casing. The ingredients that should be combined have to have those properties and respectively they are endless shadow, frog’s guts, dragon’s heart, and troll eggs (which are rather hard). If these were mixed incorrectly, the smoke bomb potion blows up.


Magic is real and in short supply. As magical practitioners disappear, those who can use even the most rudimentary of spells and have the most basic of understandings of alchemical properties are increasingly becoming a precious commodity. National universities are snatching all the people with magical talent that they can find to make magical items and perform the spells that run the nation. In the old days, sorcery protected the borders of most countries from attack. Now, magic barely keeps the water clean and drinkable. This dearth of talent has lead the state to force even the most talentless of hedge witches and simplest street magicians into magic schools for intense training.

However, not all magic is used for the greater good. Despite the horrendous lack of magic and magical talent, spells and potions are still wanted for less noble needs. Evil beings, crime lords, and simply selfish individuals still want to have the benefits of a skilled wizard or witch. They work hard to find raw talent and turn the magic of neutral individuals to evil ends. Many magic users unfortunate enough to be missed by the universities, castles, and governments are later discovered by even worse masters.


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