God As It Were

I recently realized that I do believe in god

until proven otherwise I will believe that god exists

yet I feel no need to define god

nor to confine my beliefs to any dogma

I am content believing there is a god

or perhaps many gods

maybe one god with many faces

that matters little to me

I feel no reason to pray

to live my life a certain way

I simply will do

what I believe I should do

and have faith that life will continue

as it has for so long

and will after I am gone

I will hope that my dreams will be realized

and that another’s dreams will not wither

on account of me

perhaps I am little in the eyes of god

perhaps there is no god

either way

I will live

I will be

who I want to be

and have faith that I am meant to be

just as you are meant to be

we all are on this earth

reason or not

god or not

life is a gift I will not squander or question

because living is the answer

death is the conclusion

god started the process

I am just one piece

I am me

I am who I was meant to be

does it matter who meant me to be?


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