“What?” He asked as he glanced back down at me. The wind was toying with his short brown hair just like my fingers usually did. Standing on the hilltop with the setting sun framing him in a halo of light, he looked like an angel. Like he always did when he saw me, he was grinning, his white teeth glinting through his half parted lips. He never smiled with his mouth completely open or closed, he always had it somewhere in between.
Smiling gently in spite of myself, I shook my head and said, “Nothing.” He smirked and held out his hand. Without even a second of though I walked up the hill to him and took his hand, intertwining our fingers gently. With a soft tug he pulled me closer to himself. I let myself get folded into his embrace, my head tucked under his chin and my shoulders tucked under his arm. In the safety of his arms I looked out at the sunset. Nothing was wrong.


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