Beyond expat

Father dreams of buying a plot of land with a barn to build a boat in. Someday he and my mother would sail around the Mediterranean. A few years ago we bobbed around the local lake in our houseboat until we realized that the back end was rotted through. That boat has been sitting on […]

Starbucks Tea

She orders the green tea, her boyfriend’s arm around her neck, In Starbucks, with me standing in line behind. Who orders tea here? For 5,60 too. He asks for an Americano—I miss the states— Does he know he know he’s going to be up all night? Will she be with him? What’s my order, I […]

To My Someday

Love is not enough. There is string that connects you to everyone who cares for you. When you miss someone or remember how much you love them, it resonates as a plucked harp string. Sometimes it spring back like a rubber band. And sometimes you can feel the hollow ache where you know love should […]

God As It Were

I recently realized that I do believe in god until proven otherwise I will believe that god exists yet I feel no need to define god nor to confine my beliefs to any dogma I am content believing there is a god or perhaps many gods maybe one god with many faces that matters little […]

NZ Surprises

I arrived in NZ on Wednesday, February 18th, at 7:00 am, local time. Since then I’ve noticed some rather odd things – mind you, I’m from the States so these things could be completely normal to other people – so I thought I should share them in a list so people can be informed, humored, […]